Hafodneddyn Feeds


Privacy Notice

Privacy notice for all key stake holders of Hafodneddyn Feeds


Customers’ information will be retained in order to meet legal requirements. These include but are not limited to; providing traceability of goods sold for both trading standards and the universal feed assurance scheme of which we are a member and also for providing detailed records to HMRC as required. Customer details will not be used for direct marketing by us or shared with any third parties for this purpose.


Suppliers’ information will be retained as the law dictates. We are required to provide this information to our accountants for the production of yearend financial statements and also to retain this data in line with the legal requirements specified by HMRC in case of an inspection. We have reviewed and retained the GDPR statement and privacy notice of our accountants and have been assured by them that they will treat the security of any data provided to them as paramount. We will also retain supplier details where we anticipate reordering a product in line with normal commercial practice.


We will retain employee details in line with legal requirements and contractual obligations. This information will be used to make salary, national insurance and PAYE payments as well as payments into a nominated pension scheme where applicable. Staff information and contact details are also required to ensure the safety of staff during working hours and to coordinate ongoing training courses needed. Staff information will not be provided to a third party for the purposes of direct marketing.

Other parties

Information relating to other parties will only be retained where the business has a legitimate interest, contractual or legal obligation to do so. The business does not engage in direct marketing and will not supply information relating to a company or individual to a third party for this purpose. All staff have received training in our GDPR policy and their training has been recorded and will be updated as required.