Hafodneddyn Feeds



We have worked closely with a qualified animal nutritionist to develope a range of complimentary feeds for farm animals. We are pleased to supply the following coarse mixes:
  • Calf Mix - Suitable for calves from 6 weeks upwards. Incorporates steamed flaked peas and maize for increased digestibility
  • Cattle Grower - Suitable for growing beef ruminant animals from 3 months upwards
  • Cattle Fattener - Designed for fattening beef ruminant animals from 8 months upwards
  • Lamb Mix - Suitable for all breeds of lambs. To be fed as part of a balanced diet
  • Milky Ewe - Designed for lactating ewes. Incorporates hipro soya and beans for high quality protein
  • General Purpose Pig Mix - Suitable for most classes of pig. Provides a compromise between growing and fattening. Includes hipro soya and beans for high quality protein
  • Equine Mix - This is a general purpose horse and pony cool mix. Incorporates steamed flaked peas and maize
  • Pedigree Blends - Pedigree mixes designed for both rams and bulls

We only use high quality straight grains and proteins and all of our mixes are blended on site at the farm. We are happy to show farmers the raw ingredients and the blending process so that they can be confident in the quality of the feed they are receiving.

Our mixes are all mineralised with nutrients specific to each animal. For example, the minerals added to our sheep mixes include ammonium chloride to help prevent urinary tract infections in ram lambs.

All of our blends can be collected from the farm in 600kg tote bags. In addition our pig and equine mixes are available in 20kg bags for ease of use. Other mixes can be bagged into small bags on request.

By prior arrangement, feed can also be collected from us in bulk. Please call ahead by a minimum of 24 hours to help ensure this is available when required.